Is Zerfa Cleaning Kit For Keyboard Earphone Worth Buying?

January 15, 2023

Is Zerfa Cleaning Kit For Keyboard Earphone Worth Buying?

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The dust in the earphone’s wireless charging case can be cleaned with a flocking sponge. So let us read more about Is Zerfa Cleaning Kit For Keyboard Earphone Worth Buying?.

Is Zerfa Cleaning Kit For Keyboard Earphone Worth Buying?

A brush with many bristles can clean the dirt out of the hole where the sound comes out of the earphone. Dust can be cleaned with a metal pen tip. With a simple key puller, changing the key cap is no longer a struggle, and removing the key cap is easier and cleaner.

With a soft nylon brush that is neither too soft nor too hard, the dust has nowhere to hide. This cleaning kit is made of high-quality ABS plastic and nylon. It is only 3.14 inches wide and 5.7 inches long and weighs about 1.3 ounces. It’s easy to carry in your laptop bag.

Many people use this cleaning kit.

  • AirPods
  • Earbuds
  • keyboards
  • computers
  • MacBook
  • Laptop
  • Camera Lens

Features of a multi-purpose cleaning tool kit

  • Separated Dual Head Design: Multifunctional Cleaning Tool for Keyboards and Earbuds with Nylon Bristles, Flocking Sponge, High-density Brush, Metal Pen Tip, and Keycap Puller. Hidden design with two heads to meet different cleaning needs
  • Soft Brush Doesn’t Hurt Keyboard: Special selection of nylon brushes with moderate softness as well as hardness, a three-row design to high pore strength, good elasticity, stiffness, as well as compactness, and more labor-saving friction.
  • Cleaning Kit with Many Uses: The dust in the earphone’s charging case can be cleaned with a flocking sponge. The high-density Brush can tidy the earphone’s hole where the sound comes out if it is dirty. Dust can be cleaned with a metal pen tip.
  • Simple to pull keys: With a simple key grabber, changing the keycap is no longer a struggle, and the keycap can be removed in a cleaner, more thorough way.
  • Simple to use for all kinds of cleaning: Four different types of cleaning heads can be used for various tasks. They clean the keyboard and earphones thoroughly, leaving no hiding place for dust.
  • Ultra-soft Brush: Fine Nylon bristles in three rows that bend well. Clean the spaces between the keys on your keyboard well.
  • Cylindrical sponge: Excellent for cleaning earbuds and wireless earphone casings.
  • High-density Brush: Clean the holes and surfaces where the sound comes from your earphones.
  • Metal tip: It’s easy to clean the dust off the net-like parts of your earphones and smartphones.
  • Strong and doesn’t change shape easily.
  • It can also be used to clean computers and monitors.

Product Details

  • Brand: ‎Zerfa
  • Model: Zerfa CleaningKit
  • Mounting Hardware: 1 Flocking sponge, 1 Metal pen tip, 1 Key-Cap Puller, and 1 Corner Gap Duster.
  • Number of pieces: 5 in 1
  • Materials: Metal, Nylon, and Sponge
  • Country of origin: India
  • Date First Available: July 17, 2022
  • Weight: 240 g
  • Dimensions of the product: 10 x 5 x 8 cm

How to Using Multi-Function Cleaning Tools Kit for Keyboard & Earphone

Most of us don’t take care of our keyboards as well as we should. We eat on them, spill things on people, and, worst of all, we never clean them. A sticky, dirty, unpleasant muck persists on a keyboard until one of the keys quits working or someone close remarks on how filthy it is.

This cleaning process is not too hard, luckily. Think of it as giving your computer a thorough dental cleaning, and stop being that person with a messy desk. Take control of your life and start with a clean keyboard.

Start by turning off your computer.

Before cleaning your keyboard, it is always best to unplug it. No one wants to use liquid cleaners near their computer’s hard drive when it is running. On a laptop, that implies shutting down the whole thing. If you own a desktop, you can disconnect the keyboard.

Shake your not-very-clean keyboard.

Stand over a trash can and carefully flip your laptop and keyboard by holding them firmly. Then, give your device a gentle shake. Any dried-out crumbs or bits of food will fall out thanks to gravity. This step is important because it removes the big, bulky things so that they don’t get in the manner of your later, more precise scrubbing.

Using compressed air, start blasting.

As with any furniture item that stays in one location for a long time, dust will collect in the spaces between your keyboard’s keys and other parts. When these small pieces are mixed with tiny food crumbs, they are almost difficult to remove with a gentle shake.

So, compressed air comes into play. As its name suggests, compressed air comes in a can and can be bought at any office supplies store, superstore, or online. These cans aren’t too expensive, but they’re an important and effective tool for anyone who wishes to scrub a keyboard. They can clean out that dusty spot you didn’t realize you had.

Apple says to tilt your keyboard 75 degrees when using compressed air, so it’s almost vertical but not completely. Sprinkle the compressed air into the Computer keyboard and turn the keypad or laptop 90 degrees four times so the air hits as many parts of the board as possible from as many angles as possible.

Get scrubbing

Now that you’ve cleaned up all the dust and dirt, you can pay attention to those dirty, maybe slimy keys. Yes, that time has come. For this, you’ll need to have a cotton ball, some Q-tips, or the other brand of cotton swabs, as well as some basic isopropyl alcohol, which is also called rubbing alcohol.

Most pharmacies and supermarkets sell all of these things. First, put a little alcohol on the cotton ball and clean each key carefully. Then, use a Q-tip with alcohol to clean between the keys. The cotton swab’s tiny size helps ensure that the alcohol doesn’t get into the keyboard.

Consider taking the keys themselves away.

Most of the time, shaking, spraying, and scrubbing is enough to clean something. But you can sometimes take them off if your keys are stuck or you think there is still dirt under the keycaps. This method depends on your type of keyboard and how it was made. If you want to try to take them out, it helps to have tools for fixing electronics.

Conclusion – Is Zerfa Cleaning Kit For Keyboard Earphone Worth Buying?

Like flossing and brushing teeth, the more frequently you clean your keyboard, the less probable it will be for dirt and scum to accumulate. Once a day is likely too much, but once a week is not hard to do. So this concludes the topic for Is Zerfa Cleaning Kit For Keyboard Earphone Worth Buying?.