Is Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

January 16, 2023

Is Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

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The Usha Automatic Sewing Machine has 120 built-in designs, including seven buttonhole stitches, which gives it its name. So let us read more about Is Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine Worth Buying?.

Is Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

This is a hot favorite because it has a variable speed controller with a start/stop button, a memory option for establishing the needle up or down, an automatic thread slicer, an innovative LCD screen for quick navigation and direct stitch selection, and monogramming.

With the fresh Usha Automatic Sewing Machine, you can show off your sewing and embroidery skills. Modern sewing machines have useful features like an automatic needle threader and a feed drop lever, making it easier to do simple and complicated embroidery. The sewing machine has 120 stitch patterns built in, including a buttonhole. It has a hard machine cover and a warranty of two years.


  • With a start/stop button and variable speed control, you can sew without using your foot.
  • Automatic thread trimmer, max stitch width of 7 mm, mirrored editing, can be programmed for up to 50 different mix patterns.
  • Power: 35 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Warranty: 2 years from the manufacturer
  • Free demos after the sale in certain cities
  • New LCD screen with easy navigation, immediate stitch selection, and an extension table; 7-piece feed dog, Drop feed, Built-in thread cutter, Locking stitch button, Speed control slider, 120 stitches, and alphabets built-in.
  • Package contains 1 Sewing Machine, 1 Instruction Manual, and 18 Free Accessories: Zig-Zag Foot, Overedge Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Needle Set (Twin Needle), Crafted Zig-Zag Foot, 1/4″ Seam Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Zipper Foot, Round Hemmer Foot, Bobbin, Automatic Buttonhole Foot, Seam Ripper, Small Thread Spool, Large Thread Spool, Extra Thread Spool, Screwdriver.

Whose use is this machine?

These people should use a computerized sewing machine:

  • Fashion designers make clothes.
  • Fashion designing student
  • Expert sewers
  • Sewing shops
  • Boutique shops
  • Quilting
  • Embroidery

Because an automated machine has so many built-in stitches, it doesn’t matter what the user can do with a needle and thread. The sewing skills are used on a hand-cranked machine, but it takes a long time to learn and use them. So, if you own a business, you must use a sewing machine with a computer.

What qualities should a sewing machine have?

Anyone can learn to sew, whether they are a professional or not, and for beginners, it is essential to get as much help as possible from the sales machine itself because why not? Many machines help with a wide range of tasks and can save hours. So, if you want to get the most out of your sewing machine and the cash you spent on it, you should consider the following features:


It would help if you started by looking at how much the machine weighs. Most individuals keep their computers in their drawers or almirahs, which means they have to move them around a lot. This is when you need a light machine. It will be simpler to move around and put it wherever you want.

Presser Feet

For a beginner, the multi-purpose foot may be enough to do basic stitching, but for more complicated tasks, like making buttonholes or holding the fabric as firmly as you want, you’ll need more advanced feet. So, it’s crucial to understand how many presser feet your machine comes with.

The Power Switch

The power switch on your sewing machine can help you avoid many accidents and problems that can happen by accident. This is why it is a crucial component of several electric sewing machines. It’s better to be extra sure about your machines and tools than to try to fix the damage they can cause.

A Needle Threader

Many people find it hard to put the thread through the eye of a needle by hand. Because of this, sewing machines now have an automatic function to prevent you from this trouble and give you more time to design and think of better sewing ideas.

Needle Placement

Good sewing machines let you move the needle around freely to get the best results and simultaneously avoid jump stitches. It makes it simpler to keep moving the fabric and get fine stitches; details are crucial in clothing and fashion.

Handling speed

Because not all clothes are the same, you should change the speed of stitching based on the fabric you are working on. This feature helps ensure the stitches are even and don’t damage the fabric or cause it to overlap. It also keeps a steady flow, which helps the fabric adjust and gives it a clean finish.

Tension Adjustment

Each silai machine has a maximum length to which the stitch can be stretched. Establishing a limit on how far you can stretch based on your task is crucial. This feature lets the machine hold them as tight as needed, based on how much stretch has been set as the limit. It provides the ideal result for the stitching job at hand.

Good controls and ergonomic design

Without the right controls, a stitching machine can make a mess and make stitches that aren’t even. It’s important to buy a machine with easy-to-use controls to work quickly and in the best way. The foot pedal should respond to how hard you press on it, and the machine must be able to stitch through multiple layers for the most benefits.

Conclusion – Is Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

I hope you’ve learned much about computerized sewing machines from this long blog post. The Usha Automatic Sewing Machine is my favorite machine out of all the ones above. A sewing machine is a regular thing that will last you and your family for many years.

Buying a good machine will give you much value over its whole life. If you think this review is good, please tell your family and friends about it. You can also tell me if I managed to miss something by leaving a comment below. So this concludes the topic for Is Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine Worth Buying?.